CCC Cycling Behaviour Policy

CCC Cycling Behaviour Policy – March 2020



Castleknock Cycling Club (CCC) expects all members to act in a way which positively promotes cycling as a pastime and a passion and also promotes CCC as a community-based cycling club bringing positive benefits to CCC members and the community at large.

As such it is expected that all members, when participating in a club spin, a club event, an organised cycling event or more generally representing CCC, will act in a spirt of friendship and with respect for others – be that other CCC members, other cyclists, other road users and the broader community.

This document is intended to give guidance to all CCC members on the behaviours expected of all CCC members when cycling in a club spin or an organised cycling event and to outline the disciplinary procedures that the Club may invoke in the event that any CCC member has persistently refused or neglected to comply with the Policy.


Expected Standards of Behaviour

All CCC members are expected to:

  • observe the Rules of the Road at all times – no exceptions;
  • follow any instructions, decisions, requests or recommendations of the Spin Leader while on a club spin;
  • heed any safety-related calls made by any group rider during a spin (and to use the CCC Calls & Hand-signals to highlight hazards to other group riders);
  • respect the generally accepted rules of group road cycling which are detailed on the CCC website;
  • be properly prepared for club spins including having appropriate equipment, knowledge of the route, signing up for in correct group etc.

Further detail on these aspects can be found at the links at the end of this document.


Reporting of Members Not Observing Club Policy

As part of their post spin report, Spin Leaders will report all incidents of unsafe behaviour or members not observing any of the rules or guidelines outlined above, particularly where such behaviours pose a safety risk to the individual, the group, other road users or general public or where they are repeatedly observed.

Any CCC member can report, and indeed are encouraged to report, unsafe behaviours or behaviours not in keeping with the club etiquette and policies, either to the Spin Leader or to any member of the CCC Executive Committee (the “Committee”).


Disciplinary Procedures

Spin Leaders are encouraged to address all observed incidents of unsafe behaviour or behaviour policy breaches during or immediately after the spin. CCC members are expected to engage with such feedback and observations in a respectful and positive manner. In most cases, these incidents can simply be due to lack of observation/awareness or poor communications and are easily rectified.

Any incidents of individuals reported for unsafe behaviours or policy breaches will be considered by the Committee.

If deemed appropriate by the Committee, the individual will be contacted by a member of the Committee and advised of the unsafe behaviours / policy breaches and encouraged to address the behaviours on future spins.

Where the Committee has observed an incident to be serious or where there have been repeated incidents observed, particularly where that member has previously been spoken to for the same or similar behaviours, the Committee may invoke the Club disciplinary procedures as set out in the Club Constitution which could ultimately lead the Club to censure, suspend or expel that member from the Club.


CCC Executive Committee





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