C-19 – The New Normal

We’ve reviewed the Cycling Ireland guidelines and the good news is that we’re getting back out there, from this weekend.  As ever, participation is on an opt-in basis.  Nobody is required to do something they’re not comfortable doing.  Where you choose to join a group spin, we ask you to take personal responsibility for adherence to the guidelines.

There are a few changes and we need everyone coming out on the spins to engage fully with them.  So here are ten steps we ask you to follow, for everyone’s sake.

  1. We expect you to complete the eLearning course (once-off): Covid19 eLearning Course
  2. We expect you to complete or refer to the self-assessment before each club spin. If you answer YES to any of the questions below you should stay at home and seek medical attention: Self-Assessment Personal Screening Questionnaire
  3. Everyone is required to use the Cycling Ireland booking system (before each spin). Booking System. You’ll be asked for the name of the cycle you’ll be joining (“Cycle Name”).  Use the CCC and the colour of the group you’ll be with, i.e. White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow or Black.  This will be used for contact tracing in the event that that becomes necessary.
  4. Sign-up on Strava by 8pm the night before the spin.  No sign-up, no-spin.  You’ll need to stick with this group.  Take note of what time the group is meeting, as groups will roll-out at staggered starting times.
  5. If you haven’t been out in a while, check your bike (tires, brakes, gears, etc.) and deal with any issues that need to be addressed.
  6. Bring gloves (like the ones used on a garage forecourt) in case you need to help with a mechanical/puncture.
  7. Bring a face mask, just in case and observe C-19 hygiene recommendations when you’re in the group.
  8. Bring your own food & drink.  We can’t have people sharing bars, bottles, gels, etc.
  9. Coffee and cake may have to wait a while longer.  We’d prefer that you don’t congregate after the spin.
  10. We haven’t been out in groups in a long time.  It’ll take a little while to get back into good group spin habits.  Please be mindful, patient and enjoy the moment.

We’ll follow-up later in the week with routes for the weekend (4 July), Strava links, etc..  In the meantime, if you’ve any queries, contact me or any member of the exec.