CCC Spin Checklist

Be prepared for your spin

We know that many people have their own checklist of essential kit for a club spin. Others don’t. We thought it would be worth sharing some suggestions.

1. A well maintained road bike (winter rules: ensure mudguards and lights are securely attached)
2. A helmet
3. Appropriate clothing, bearing the conditions and planned route in mind
4. Saddle pack (or similar) containing: Two spare tubes, a pump and tire leavers. A multi tool is also a good idea. Some people include a torque tool and/or a derailleur hanger. See video below for more suggestions.
5. Food and drink to sustain you for the spin. We often stop on longer spins, e.g. >80km.
6. Phone
7. Cash and/or card in case you need buy something or cover the cost of a taxi, etc.
8. Know the route: Take personal responsibility. Don’t depend entirely on the spin leader.

Some useful videos:

GCN: Fixing a flat

GCN: 10 Spin Essentials

GCN: Saddle pack essentials