COVID-19: CCC Staying at Home for Easter

We’re going to be home for Easter. Many of us are also thinking about how we could help our family, friends, neighbours and community who’re dealing with C-19. Why not play your part in cycling around Ireland (c.2,100 KM), with a twist. Do it without leaving your house! Here are some ways in which you participate:

* The CCC Zwifters are setting off later today (Friday) on the first of their group rides. Contact Gareth G if you want join this group or find out more.
* If you’ve a turbo trainer, get on your bike and grind out a few KMs. Post the activity to Strava and we’ll count your contribution.
* If you’d like to set up your own circuit training in the garden, or some other activity at home, post a pic on WhatsApp (use #CCCstayinghome), post the activity in Strava and we’ll exchange your minutes for KMs (e.g. 30 mins = 10 KM).

Of course, all of this is for a purpose. We’re fundraising for Blanchardstown Hospital Society and the Viva House women’s refuge in Blanchardstown village. Our aim is to raise €2,100 and the club will match what we raise up to that level.

We’re aware that some people are finding these times tougher than others. We’d love for everyone to get involved. We know that not everyone is in a place to contribute. Please help where you can. If you know of others who’d like to help us, please share our story.

Our gofundme link is here

Thank you.