Group Leaders

The spin leader group met in February 2019.  A summary of the evening is here and the slides presented are here.

CCC Group Leaders Roles:

  • Primary Rule – “Uno duce, una voce” One leader, one voice, (in Italian ☺) 
  • Introduce yourself, makes sure your group know you are ‘Ride Leader’ 
  • Know the route yourself and departure time. 
  • Advise group where they are going, distance, average pace and outline shortcuts or extensions.
  • Advise if coffee stop – where and when.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable with group size.
  • Assess weather/road conditions, discuss with other cyclists if necessary.
  • Where weather/road/ traffic or any other conditions are deemed unsuitable and the leader deems unsafe to travel, the leader may decide to change the cycle route and/or cancel the cycle.
  • Will control pace at all time. 
  • Will call changeovers – make sure turns are rotating, particularly in windy conditions.
  • Look out for people who may need help – choosing gears etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to cycle up and have a word if pace is too fast or half wheeling is going on.
  • Keep the group together – regroup at top and roll slowly at bottom of hills.
  • If leaders observe unsafe actions, suggest to the riders to ride safe.
  • Leaders need to know if riders leave the route/take a shortcut