Renewing Membership

There are two elements to renewing your membership; club membership (€20) and Cycling Ireland membership (€50 – for a leisure license). The Cycling Ireland element is mandatory*. It’s your insurance policy for when you’re training or taking part in a sportive or similar leisure event.

Renewing your membership is a straightforward process:

  1. Renew your Cycling Ireland license
    • Use the CI Online system to renew.  You’ll probably also have received an email from CI with a link to use.
    • Complete CI Member login
    • Complete Membership Renewal (select leisure membership, unless you plan to race)
    • Ensure that Castleknock Cycling Club is your nominated club
    • Complete payment (€50 for leisure license)
  2. Cycling Ireland advises CCC of your renewal automatically
  3. CCC Treasurer will request payment of club membership fee (€20 for 2019)
  4. Complete payment and you’re all set!

* If you’re a member of Triathlon Ireland, please let the Treasurer know before renewing your Cycling Ireland membership. There’s an alternative process for TI members.


If you’ve any queries about the renewal process, please contact the Club Registrar.