The Spin Leader group met recently. New spin leaders have joined the group since January.  We’re up to 40 in the group now. Our aim on the night was to emphasise the consistency in how we lead groups and an opportunity to share experiences.

We also wanted to give spin leaders an insight into our plans over the following weeks, from our spin strategy and approach to rostering leaders, to specific events such as the Back on the Bike Spin and the First Responders training evening.

If you’ve any questions about our approach to spin leadership, please contact Gerry T or Tom F.  The slides we presented on the evening are here.  You’ll see that we’re looking to achieve consistency in how we call hazards and instructions through the group.  One in particular will be the use of ‘steady’ rather than ‘ease up’ to slow the group.  This’ll result in less confusion between ‘ease up’, ‘change up’ and ‘car up’!

See you out there!