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Spins Overview

Castleknock Cycle Club runs organised weekly club spins on a year-round basis for its members (new members are welcome anytime). We have groups leaving from the gates of Castleknock Community College every Saturday and Sunday morning, normally rolling-out between 8:00am and 9:00am depending on the time of year.

Weekly spins are posted on our Club Strava page and leaders are assigned for each group.  Members will be aware that on occasion we’ll exceed the indicative ranges, for instance on hilly spins to Wicklow, but all members will be aware of routes in advance of spin day.

Around the summer months (May-August), where daylight permits, we also run very popular midweek evening spins. These are shorter, faster spins, that make sure you forget about the working week for 90 minutes!

Categorised groups

Our Groups are categorised to allow cyclists of similar fitness & ability to enjoy and challenge themselves on our club spins. For more information on our spin categories, please see Which group?

In general the spins tend to build up distance and climbing through the year, peaking around August/September, and tapering back after that.

Each weekend the various group head to the same general area, with the distance increasing as you go through the faster groups. This should allow everyone find a spin that suits them, but also presents the opportunity for anyone who may have overreached to drop back to a more relaxed group. We’ve all been there!

Spin Leaders

All rides will have an assigned spin leader. The spin leader is responsible for the group, and will ensure the advertised pace is observed, the group sticks together, and rules of the road and safety guidelines are followed.

The Spin leader also has full authority to change a spin route, or cancel the spin altogether, based on safety concerns.

For more information on Spin leaders, please see our Spin Leaders page.