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Spin Leaders

Role of the Spin Leader

REach pace group (determined according to the average speed of the group to assist members to decide their comfort level according to fitness/ability) is assigned a designated ‘spin leader’. The role of the spin leader is to provide leadership, know the route, and ensure the safety of everyone at all times. They are an experienced club member who are requested to keep an eye out for members who may be struggling, and will make calls requesting the group to stay together and to adjust their pace accordingly. They are responsible for pre spin briefings and checks.

Before the spin

  • Know when you are assigned as Spin Leader (rota emailed weeks in advance and mid week WhatsApp reminder)
  • Sign up on Strava as soon as rides posted
  • Know the route – load it on your Garmin but know the route
  • Check for any guests (Registrar will advise on WhatsApp)
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Check your bike is in good shape and you have right gear for route and conditions
  • Confirm ICE details accessible if required

On the day of the spin

On the morning of the spin
  • Introduce yourself as the Spin Leader
  • Advise route, distance, expected pace and check riders have appropriate gear, food, nutrition
  • Ensure group is manageable – ideally no more than 12 per group
  • If more than 12 split the group and enlist help of 2nd Spin Leader
  • Check for guests and if their bike & equipment is appropriate
  • Check for mudguards & lights if in the winter months
  • Remind everyone to “call the hazards”, communicate loud and often
  • As you depart, one last check for the numbers in the group
On the spin
  • Ensure group stays together and is riding in a safe manner
  • Call the “Change-ups” to ensure everyone does their share but mindful of stronger / weaker riders
  • Call it if pace is too fast or half wheeling is going on or group riding in untidy or unsafe manner (e.g. gaps, pace rising and dropping)
  • Regroup at top and bottom of hills or roll slowly until group regathers – bottom line keep the group together (no drops)!
  • Stop and wait for mechanical’s
  • Remind riders about communication….

After the spin

  • Ensure everyone home safely
  • Enjoy a coffee and a cake
  • Get feedback from riders on spin – pace, route, conditions etc.
  • Post your Spin Leader report on the Spin Leader WhatsApp